CATS - the Complete Acquisition Transaction System - was created by Jon and Stephanie Iannotti!

Jon and Stephanie are not strangers to hard work!

Jon worked his way up from Patrolman to Chief of Police, serving in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.  He also spent over 24 years as a steel worker in PA. Stephanie worked for over 20 years as an Orthopedic Technician and assistant.

They also created one of the most highly successful and affordable - Real Estate Investing Systems in the Industry! Now, with over four decades of experience in Real Estate Investing, and thousands of creative deals under their belts, they’re considered two of the best in the business!

They're #1 Best Selling Authors, renowned National and International Speakers - and they've personally Mentored dozens of the Real Estate Industry's Top Experts!  See how You can partnering with Jon and Stephanie on no money down deals. They'll work with you step by step throughout the deals, and you can become their Next Success Story!

Jon and Stephanie are Transaction Engineers, they don't consider themselves big shot real estate celebrities (even though they've personally trained many of the biggest GURUs in the Industry). During the last crash, many of the most well known real estate gurus we're struggling, and Jon and Stephanie helped them save their home buying businesses by teaching them just a portion of what we do!

One Investor in particular, had never experienced any real success until Jon and Stephanie trained him, now he's completed thousands of deals. They had another Investor that went from just a couple of completed deals, to now completing over a hundred deals every year. Jon and Stephanie have helped many people go from zero to millions in profits!

The CATS Team is responsible for more than 10,000 completed money making deals all over the Country, and well over 5,500 short sales. Maybe you'll be our Next Real Estate Transaction Engineer!

With the CATS Team - You can have Industry Professionals handling all your negotiations, and working with you step by step throughout your Deals!

- The CATS Lifetime Membership Includes:

Our Most Successful - Proven Training Methods and the Opportunity to Joint Venture with our Professional Team.  You'll be able to work Directly with an Experienced and Highly Successful Team that has a Direct Vested Financial Interest in Your Success!

As a CATS Member - We'll teach You step by step how to complete easy to find deals. And for a 50/50 profit share - we'll work with You throughout the entire Real Estate Transaction from the beginning to the end.  In any Business, it's always a good idea to Work with People that have a Direct Vested Interest in Your Financial Success - It's a Win-Win!!!

CATS Members have our #1 Short Sales Negotiation and Support Team - personally handling all the work on your Short Sales!!!

Our Shorts Sales Team has successfully negotiated and completed over 5,500 short sales (many of these short sales were completed in less than 30 days)! During the short sale process our Team works directly with the home owners facing foreclosure, we handle the preparation and collection of all the documents, and we handle all the negotiations with the banks, the lien holders, the removal of all the deficiency judgments, and we secure deep discounts for the deals. We know all of the Bank's sneaky tricks, our Short Sale Negotiators worked for Bank of America and Wells Fargo for over 20 years, and for more than 10 years as their top short sale negotiators. Now they work with us and our CATS Members!

With Your CATS Lifetime Membership - You'll get Live Training Calls!
On these calls we personally teach You step by step how to quickly flip properties without repairing the properties or using Your Money!

High End Success continues with our simple Step by Step Training Videos!
In These videos - we spell out in detail exactly what to do step by step to start making serious quick money. Every step, every question and every detail is covered in this Proven Video Training. The Videos are designed in a Short Micro Video format to make it very convenient and very effective for You to watch and thoroughly understand!

The CATS Membership is a Lifetime Opportunity to Partner with Us on as many Money Making Deals as You want and for as long as You want! (And remember, we also teach you how to do deals on your own, and on those deals you keep 100% of the profits)

The CATS Membership Includes Lifetime Access to Our Highly Successful Joint Venture Support and Acquisitions Team
- with Live Access on the phone, through email and texting. You'll have your own login code into our CRM, so you can track all of your deals real-time as our Team handles the negotiations!

Also included with Your CATS Lifetime Membership - is our training and support in helping you set up a Virtual REI Super Office!!!

With an Virtual REI Super Office you can have licensed professionals working as your personal boots on the ground, and put your business on Cruise Control! We've helped some of our CATS Members set up multiple REI Virtual Super Offices - and now they're making money 100% Virtually in many different locations around the Country!

Here's just a portion of the Transaction Engineering Training that you'll receive with the CATS Lifetime Membership:

$ The Simple Steps to becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

$ How to make money with no credit, no money and no contractors

$ How to complete as many deals every month that you want

​$ How to get the benefits of ownership without the risks of ownership

$ How to successfully do this Online from any Location 

​$ How to put it all on Cruise Control!!!

We'll teach You everything You need to know to become a Highly Successful Real Estate Investor - right from the comfort of your home!

The CATS Membership includes Lifetime Access to our continually evolving Training and Support - including all the future updates to our CATS System at no extra charge!!!

Here are a few of the Additional Downloadable Resources that You receive:

Complete Step by Step Virtual Instruction Manual
This lays everything out step by step in detail - it is a written blueprint for success. This CATS Virtual Training Manual contains instructions, examples and resources that Members can use to start Flipping Properties the easy way.

Master Agreements
This is one of the key ingredients to this whole process. Having the right contracts with the proper terms and conditions is critical to your success. We have taken a lifetime of experience along with thousands of successful Real Estate transactions, to create the best contracts anywhere. These are worth their weight in gold!  You'll have all the bases covered with these contracts.

Free Future Updates to Resources
This is HUGE!  It is very common in this industry to constantly charge people for any and all new updates. We don't play that game. We give All CATS Members - FREE updates to all of our Materials, Methods and Strategies! Anytime we add a new technique that is proven and successfully working for us, we'll give you the updated technique - at absolutely no additional cost to you. If you've purchased Real Estate Guru programs before - You know exactly how valuable it is to always stay up to speed on what is currently working - and not get charged for it!!!

Here's an Unprecedented Limited Time Special Offer - you get the Entire CATS Lifetime Membership for

Only $1,497

And we have 100% No Money Down Easy Financing
for the CATS Lifetime Membership!

Due to all the Powerful New Features that we've included with the CATS Lifetime Membership, and the continuing increase in the number of Pre-Foreclosures across the Country - this Special Discount Offer will be ending - and the CATS Lifetime Membership Fee will be returning to it's original price of $8,997 - so don't wait!

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For those of You who have been trying to make money in Real Estate - You should know better than anyone that $1,497 for a Lifetime Membership is a tremendous deal, considering what our Team brings to the table! We're only offering this limited time low entry fee, because with the current economy there are a lot of motivated people that we can make money with, that can't afford our regular $8,997 fee. We make our real money on Real Estate Deals, so we decided to offer a limited time deep discount on our Membership Fee, to make it affordable for anyone that has a real desire to make money in real estate today!

In the past, many people paid over $10,000 - for us to teach them how to quickly complete both short-term and long-term money making deals. Now you get to take advantage of actually partnering with the same Professional Team that has successfully trained many of the Top Real Estate Investors in our industry, and you can do it for only $1,497! We've trained investors that went from zero to thousands of completed deals, and many more that are happy just working part time and completing a few deals a month, what ever you want to do, we can help you achieve your goals!

This level of training and support is very rare in the Real Estate Investing Business. We know this because we've paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for real estate investing training. We're not complaining about the money we've spent, because this knowledge and training has been instrumental in helping us successfully complete thousands of serious money making deals. And we've been instrumental in helping others complete over 10,000 more all over the Country!

This exceptionally Low CATS Lifetime Membership Fee is not a gimmick - we've always made our real money on completed real estate deals.  With this ridiculously affordable Lifetime Membership Special - its never been easier to quickly make serious profits on no money down deals!

Bottom line - if you're serious about making money in Today's Real Estate Market, You should partner with the same Proven Team of Transaction Engineers, that helped change the Industry!!!

Call us today at 239-206-2052

Thanks for all your help Jon and Stephanie, I am now completing 6 ​to 10 deals a month! - Scott U.​

Jon and Stephanie, thank you both for all your help. We were confused and had more questions than answers about getting and or finishing a deal. Not only did you answer those questions, but helped us stick with a plan, stay focused, and most importantly to get our first check of $89,804. - Carlo R. & Edward A.

It took me 77 days to make $42,160. How many 29 year olds have a $40,000+ PAY DAY? I'm the happiest girl in Tennessee! Thanks Jon and Stephanie! - Whitney N.

Jon and Steph - This has changed my life! I made almost $15,000 while only spending about 10 hours. Did I mention that I have a full time job and do this in my spare time? CATS helped me achieve my goals, and in my opinion, continues to be the best way to make money in today’s Real Estate Market. - John S.

After Learning the CATS Method, we quickly completed over 20 deals. The Iannottis are incredible. We're now full-time Investors, we typically make $70,000 to over $100,000 - per month! - Christy and John B