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Jon and Stephanie Iannotti

Founders of the CATS System, Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are not strangers to hard work.

Jon worked his way up from Patrolman to Chief of Police, serving in a town outside of Pittsburg PA.  He also spent over 20 years as a steel worker in PA. Stephanie worked for 24 years as an Orthopedic Technician and assistant.

They also created a highly successful and affordable - Real Estate Investing System. Now with over four decades of experience in Real Estate Investing, and thousands of creative deals under their belts, they’re considered two of the best in the business!

They're #1 Best Selling Authors, renowned National and International Speakers - and they've personally Mentored dozens of the Real Estate Industry's Top Experts!  See how You can be their Next Success Story!

You can partner with Jon and Stephanie on no money down deals. They'll work with you step by step throughout the deals!

Work with Professionals

As a CATS Member - We'll teach You step by step how to quickly find and flip great money making deals.  And more importantly - we'll personally work with you from start to finish, on as many deals as you want, and for as long as you want - and we'll split the profits with you 50/50!

You don’t have to partner with us or split your profits on deals, however having the opportunity to work directly with Jon and Stephanie, is a powerful leveraging opportunity!

The most successful people in the world use the power of leverage - now you can too, by leveraging the work of professional Investors!

When we work together - we’re leveraging each other’s strengths, we’re leveraging your time and the opportunity to partner with you on deals, you’re leveraging our highly experienced Team and Proven System (that’s directly responsible for over 10,000 completed deals) - it's a Win-Win!

Lifetime Membership

The CATS Membership is a Lifetime Opportunity to Partner with Jon and Stephanie, on as many money making deals as you want - and for as long as you want!

Membership includes Lifetime Access to All of Jon and Stephanie's Training Methods, Strategies and Live Support. With the Membership - You get all their Future CATS Updates FREE for life. This is HUGE!!!

This is a complete step by step Training & Support System, that includes everything you'll need for automatically finding great off market deals - and help with quickly making money from them!

We've spent well over $500,000 on GURU programs and courses, so we know how common it is to constantly get charged for new updates.  That won't happen here - we make our real money completing deals - and we're just warming up!

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Thanks for all your help Jon and Stephanie, I am now completing 6 ​to 10 deals a month! - Scott U.​

Jon and Stephanie, thank you both for all your help. We were confused and had more questions than answers about getting and or finishing a deal. Not only did you answer those questions, but helped us stick with a plan, stay focused, and most importantly to get our first check of $89,804. - Carlo R. & Edward A.

It took me 77 days to make $42,160. How many 29 year olds have a $40,000+ PAY DAY? I'm the happiest girl in Tennessee! Thanks Jon and Stephanie! - Whitney N.

Jon and Steph - This has changed my life! I made almost $15,000 while only spending about 10 hours. Did I mention that I have a full time job and do this in my spare time? CATS helped me achieve my goals, and in my opinion, continues to be the best way to make money in today’s Real Estate Market. - John S.

After Learning the CATS Method, we quickly completed over 20 deals. The Iannottis are incredible. We're now full-time Investors, we typically make between $70,000 to over $100,000 - per month! - Christy and John B