With the CATS Team - You'll have Professionals handling all your negotiations, you'll have local Real Estate Attorneys and Agents handling your contracts & closings, and you'll have Proven Real Estate Industry Experts working with you step by step throughout your Deals!

The CATS Lifetime Membership, it Includes:

Our Most Successful - Proven Training Methods and the Opportunity to Joint Venture with our Professional Team.  You'll be able to work Directly with an Experienced and Highly Successful Team that has a Direct Vested Financial Interest in Your Success!

As a CATS Member - We'll teach You step by step how to complete easy to find deals.  And for a 50/50 profit share - we'll work with You throughout the entire Real Estate Transaction from the beginning to the end.  In any Business it's always a good idea to Work with People that have a Direct Vested Interest in Your Financial Success - It's a Win-Win!!!

CATS Members recieve our #1 Short Sales Negotiation and Support Team!

Our Shorts Sales Team has successfully negotiated and completed over 5,000 short sales! With short sales, our Team works directly with the home owners facing foreclosure, we handle the preparation and collection of all the documents, and we handle all the negotiations with the banks, the lein holders, the removal of all the deficency judgments, and we secure deep discounts for the deals. We know all of the Bank's sneaky tricks, for over 10 years our Short Sales Team were the top negoiators for both Bank of America and Wells Fargo's short sale operation. Now they work with us and our CATS Members!

With Your CATS Lifetime Membership - You'll get Live Training Calls.  On these calls we personally teach You step by step how to quickly flip properties without repairing the properties or using Your Money!

High End Success continues with our simple Step by Step Training Videos!
In These videos - we spell out in detail exactly what to do step by step to start making serious quick money. Every step, every question and every detail is covered in this Proven Video Training.  The Videos are designed in a Short Micro Video format to make it very convenient and very effective for You to watch and thoroughly understand!

Plus You and your spouse (or business partner), get FREE admission to our Industry Changing - Live 4 Day Transaction Engineer Training Event!!!

During these four days in beautiful South Florida, you'll receieve advanced training directly from Jon and Stephanie Iannotti on how to make money on just about any type of deal. This training will include step by step on how Jon and Stephanie structure deals for both quick profits and long term profits, so you can enjoy the benefit of ownership without the risks. We usually schedule these Live Advanced Training Events 4 times a year, to make it easy for members to attend. You'll walk away from this 4 days of detailed strategy training as a true Transaction Engineer!

The CATS Membership is a Lifetime Opportunity to Personally Partner with Us on as many Money Making Deals as You want - and for as long as You want!

The CATS Membership also Includes Lifetime Access to Our Highly Successful Joint Venture Support and Acquisitions Team - with Live Access on the phone, through email and texting. You'll have your own login code to our CRM, so you can track all of your deals realtime as our Team handles the negotiations!

Here are just a few of things You'll learn with the CATS System:

$ The Six Steps to becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor

$ How to make money with no credit, no money and no contractors

$ How to complete as many deals every month that you want

​$ How to get the benefits of ownership without the risks of ownership

$ How to successfully do this Online from any Location 

​$ How to put it all on Cruise Control!!!

We'll teach You everything You need to know to become a Highly Successful Real Estate Investor - right from the comfort of your home!

The CATS Membership includes Lifetime Access to Live Training and Support - including All future updates to our CATS Training and Strategies at no extra charge!

Here are a few of the Additional Downloadable Resources that You receive:

Complete Step by Step Instruction Manual
This lays everything out step by step in detail - it is a written blueprint for success.  This CATS Training Manual contains instructions, examples and resources that Members can use to start Flipping Properties the easy way.

Master Agreements
This is one of the key ingredients to this whole process.  Having the right contracts with the proper terms and conditions is critical to your success.  We have taken a lifetime of experience along with thousands of successful Real Estate transactions, to create the best contracts anywhere.  These are worth their weight in gold!  You'll have all the bases covered with these contracts.

MP3 Audio Recordings
Here we explain how to maximize the huge profit potential of utilizing the Proven CATS Process - in any and all Market Conditions.

Free Future Updates to Resources
This is HUGE!  It is very common in this industry to constantly charge people for any and all new updates. We don't play that game.  We give All CATS Members - FREE updates to all of our Materials, Methods and Strategies!  Anytime we add a new technique that is proven and successfully working, we'll give you the update - at absolutely no additional cost to you.  If you've purchased Real Estate Guru programs before - You know exactly how valuable it is to always stay up to speed on what is currently working - and not get charged for it!

You get all this and more for a Limited Time Offer of only $2,997
(We have a special $1,997 deal that does not include our Live 4 Day Transactional Engineering Training) These are limited time offers - so don't wait because these offers will end soon - and the CATS Lifetime Membership fee will return to it's regular price of $9,997.

We have 100% No Money Down Financing for the CATS Lifetime Membership!
This is 6 months same as cash! (It typically requires a credit score of 650 or higher to get instant approval)

For those of You who have been trying to make money in Real Estate - You should know better than anyone that $2,997 is a tremendous deal for what our Team brings to the table! We're only offering this low entry fee - because we make our real money doing deals! Along with all of the features above - this low fee also covers your training and support for life!

In the past, many people paid over $20,000 - for us to teach them how to quickly complete both short-term and long-term money making deals. Now you get to take advantage of actually partnering with the same Professioanl Team that has successfully trained many of the top investors in our industry, and you can do it for only $2,997! Some of the Investors that we've trained went from zero to thousands of completed deals, and they're now actually selling versions of our system for over $50,000. So if you're serious about making money in today's crazy real estate market, why not partner with the Proven Team that changed the Industry?

This level of training and support is very rare in the Real Estate Investing Business. We know this because we've paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for real estate investing training. We're not complaining about the money we've spent, because this knowledge and training has been instrumental in helping us successfully complete thousands of serious money making deals. And we've been instrumental in helping others complete over 10,000 more all over the Country!

Bottom line - this exceptionally Low CATS Lifetime Membership Fee is not a gimmick - we've always made our real money on completed real estate deals.  With this ridiculously affordable Lifetime Membership Special - its never been easier to quickly make serious profits on no money down deals!!!

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